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Energy Medicine works through the human energy field (etheric field) that surrounds the body. Through awareness and intuition, Candess reads this highly sensitive energy system to circumvent the emotional, psychological, and spiritual stressors that are at the root of illness to release blocks and regain the power you need to run your body at the highest energetic level and frequency.

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 144,000 Strand DNA Activation with the Lords of Karma!

The DNA activation empowers you in your own healing process. The benefits vary with each individual.

Some reported results with activation:

• improved intuition
• heightened clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience
• enhanced discernment
• more precise use of language for better communication
• sharper memory 
• quicker manifestation
• renewed sense of competency
• letting go of old stuff, so better relationships
• seeing relationships more clearly
• attracting “soul mates”
• finding deeper love with others
• capacity to confront self-truths
• staying focused
• staying in the moment

144,000 Strand DNA Activation $50.00



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